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DIY christmas card

Christmas Cards 2016

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One of my favorite cards I get to send all year is CHRISTMAS CARDS. Honestly, these days its one of the few I actually make time for anymore. I used to be really awesome about sending my girlfriends little pieces of snail mail with updates and love notes about how I miss them (to my girls- I still miss you and love you!) So when the end of the year comes around I get excited to make these guys. This year we kept it pretty casual and I handlettered "Cheers friends! Love the Paulsons" across the front of a photo of us from Colorado this past summer. I had the "Cheers friends" done in ROSE GOLD FOIL and everything else was digitally printed. I printed a small handlettered message on the back as well to add more of a personal touch. 

I finished these bad boys off with some navy envelopes and white brush lettering. We recently received a few Christmas card envelopes that had been ripped open and the card removed (I know, crazy right?) so I added some festive washi tape to the flap of the envelope. (No, I don't actually think it will keep people from ripping open the envelope but MAYYYBEE they will think twice about it!?) Still have a handful of these down on my counter to address and send but wanted to share them now as Christmas is just a week away now!