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Whether you're looking for a complete package of handlettered goods or just one or two pieces, I'd love to help! With every piece being truly one of a kind and custom, pricing can vary project to project but this page will give you an idea of what pricing for these types of projects can run.

I'd like to take a moment to speak to the nature of handlettering and the process of it. This is not done with a template or stencil, it is not printed off using some premade fonts. This is my own handwriting, I use rulers, pencils, erasers and paint. I cut, sand and stain most of my own signs. I spend hours laying them out to size and scale, tediously measuring and marking the spacing for each letter. I gently lay down an outline and then carefully use a paint brush or chalkboard pen and go over my initial sketch. Then I carefully use a small eraser or QTip to clean up any pencil markings or smudges.This is an artistic process. I have slight case of perfectionism and it stems from my desire to create truly beautiful pieces. These are made by hand, fueled by coffee, require time and patience, and are created with a love for what I do. 


These are currently starting prices based on SIZE of SIGN. Prices may vary based on amount of wording that is needed per sign. Please inquire for specific quotes. Stain and paint color included. 

24" x 48" and larger (Great for large welcome signs, menus, and seating charts): $150 

24" x 32": $115

16" x 24" (Great for welcome signs, quotes, informational and hashtag signs): $85 

12 x 16" (Great for small instructional signs): $50

Smaller (Table Numbers, and Very Small Informative Signs): To be discussed on a per project base

* These are roughly 1/8" thick but can vary depending on wood availability

If you'll be providing the wood or chalkboard yourself, please use the above pricing to estimate which size is closest to your board. Mirrors, Doors, Windows, or Glass can also be handlettered. For outdoor signs I prefer to use acrylic paint, if you'd prefer for me to use a pen that is less permanent please let me know. I am not responsible for any writing that is ruined due to rain or wiping, nor am I responsible for cleaning any items that I've been asked to write on. Please allow 2 weeks from time of booking for production and delivery. I am not responsible for any shipping costs or any issues that arise from shipping.


Custom Wedding Boxes 

These are great boxes for wine ceremonies, wedding memorabilia, and gift envelopes!  They are made from wood and hand stained and painted by me. You pick the saying for the top of the box.

Custom ceremony boxes are as follows: 

Large: 13" x 10" x 3" $150 (Pictured on the Right)

Medium: 14" x 8" x 4" $125 (Pictured on the Left)

Small: 14" x 4" x 4" $105