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Christmas Cards 2016

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One of my favorite cards I get to send all year is CHRISTMAS CARDS. Honestly, these days its one of the few I actually make time for anymore. I used to be really awesome about sending my girlfriends little pieces of snail mail with updates and love notes about how I miss them (to my girls- I still miss you and love you!) So when the end of the year comes around I get excited to make these guys. This year we kept it pretty casual and I handlettered "Cheers friends! Love the Paulsons" across the front of a photo of us from Colorado this past summer. I had the "Cheers friends" done in ROSE GOLD FOIL and everything else was digitally printed. I printed a small handlettered message on the back as well to add more of a personal touch. 

I finished these bad boys off with some navy envelopes and white brush lettering. We recently received a few Christmas card envelopes that had been ripped open and the card removed (I know, crazy right?) so I added some festive washi tape to the flap of the envelope. (No, I don't actually think it will keep people from ripping open the envelope but MAYYYBEE they will think twice about it!?) Still have a handful of these down on my counter to address and send but wanted to share them now as Christmas is just a week away now! 


Holiday Shop Introductions | My Christmas Cards

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Now that Halloween is over, I can officially start gearing up for Christmas. Okay, in the retail world this actually started months ago but I've been saving up to share with you guys! I have a few products that I can't wait to put out there and offer to you this holiday season! The first one actually came by popular request by friends and family and I've created a process that allows me to share it with even more people now! 

Meet my SEMI-CUSTOM Holiday Cards (which also happen to be my ACTUAL Christmas cards for 2015, adorbs right? Thanks Jordan for capturing our wedding so beautifully

What does SEMI-CUSTOM mean? Well as much as I would LOOVEE to hand-design a fully custom card for every human possible, I wanted an option that was cheaper and quicker for people. (Though, if you still want something totally custom- I'm all ears!) These are hand-lettered by me and the designs have the ability to be customized to your photos. So if you need to change the size, placement or color of any of them it can easily be done. I'm printing these on some really nice 110 lb cardstock and they come with envelopes! They are one sided and sharpie proof so if you do want to add your own little message to the back of any of them, you totally can! 

So how does it work? Check out the SHOP here  Under Almost-Custom Holiday Cards, you can view a large selection of ideas for the cards and start to get an idea of what you want. 

  1. Decide on how many photos you have and you want to use and decide on what saying you want on the card
  2. Select how many cards you need and click Add To Cart (NOTE: Shipping is already factored into cost, so there are no additional costs!) 
  3. Follow check out instructions on website
  5. You'll receive a digtial proof within 48 hours. EMAIL ME BACK with your approval.
  6. You receive them within 2 weeks. BOOM. DONE. 

Feel free to email me with ANY questions you have or if you're not sure which photo would look best you may send a couple and I can help you decide. I'm REALLY in LOVE with these cards, I want to make one for myself in like every design, that's normal right? I'd love to help you create your own custom Christmas card so let's do it! GO CHECK THEM OUT!! Thanks, friends!