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Calligraphed envelopes are a two part process. First you'll pick a style and add it to your cart. Second you'll pick an envelope and add that to your cart. I offer 5 styles of envelopes. If you are looking for something more than what is listed, please feel free to contact me and I can see if it is something I can do for you! Printed envelopes (done by the computer and not by hand) are available for $2.05/Envelope. 


Questions + Policies

How long will my envelopes take?

Envelopes take 2-3 weeks to complete plus shipping on top of that. Rush orders needed in shorter time frames will have a $5/rush fee per envelope. 

Why is this so flippin expensive? 

I could write a really lengthy and long answer to this explaining the time, level of detail, hours, process, supplies, shipping, etc etc etc that goes into every order. The truth is, this all has a value to it and the value adds up. I sit down at my table, with a jar of ink and a dip pen, carefully line out each envelope, dip my pen into the ink and slowly write out each and every letter. I then reread each envelope to check for spelling errors, package them up and ship them. This process takes hours, it's slow and tedious, but the end result is so worth it. 

What if I don't like them? 

Custom calligraphed and handlettered invitations have a no return policy once completed. Due to the nature of their customization, once they are done they are forever yours. There are many samples through out my site to set your expectation for what you will receive and if you would like to order a sample ahead of time, these are available for you. 

What if there is an error? 

If there are errors in spelling that are a result of my tired eyes or foggy brain, I will take full responsibility. A refund can be issues for the envelopes with error, I just ask that you send me a photo of any errors received. If you'd prefer a rewrite instead of a refund that is also an option. For any errors that are result from mistyped address lists, there will be no refunds or rewrites issued without additional fees.

Will they all be EXACTLY the same? 

Due to the nature of handwritten goods, there are natural variations that occur from envelope to envelope. Though I will do my best to hold true to the style you choose for your envelopes, subtly variations between envelopes is common and to be expected. 

What color of envelopes can I choose? 

My standard envelope colors are listed below as well as on the shop envelope page. Samples are available. If you're looking for a specific color not listed, shoot me an email and we can see if it's out there! 


What font is that? 

That would be my handwriting. I do offer printed envelopes (not calligraphed, simply sent through a printing machine and there are a few basic fonts available for that)

Do you teach Calligraphy?

YES! Check out my workshop page.