Eleven + West


When should I start my custom invitation process? 

As soon as possible! Some projects have taken months, others around 4-6 weeks. Always allow additional time for shipping and addressing on your end as well! 

Okay let's do this. What else do you need? 

Once its determined that I'm available for your suite and we are a good fit stylistically, I'll ask for a few inspiration photos. This can be Pinterest boards, textures, patterns, etc! Anything that helps me get a better idea of what your vision, style and feel for your wedding day is. In addition to any inspiration photos, I'll need an idea of guest counts, and any specific wording you'd like to use. For example, while it's traditional for the bride's parent's names to be along the top of the invitation, some couples are simply opting for "You are cordially invited to" or "Together with Our Parents". Details like this are what I will need in regards to specifics for your wedding. 

What if I don't know what the etiquette is for invitations? 

While I'm not an official wedding etiquette specialist, I've done this a few times. What I've learned is that really, etiquette and traditional is becoming a thing of the past. There is so much room for creative freedom with invitations now compared to what was once deemed "correct". I'd be happy to offer my opinions on any questions you have though and feel free to check out my blog for additional helpful information. 

Will you address my envelopes? 

Yes! Pricing and all information bout envelopes can be found HERE. 

Can you help me with ___(Insert other wedding day related good here)______? 

I HOPE SO!! For everything from programs to place cards to menus and seating charts, I've done it! Go ahead and check out my gallery for previous examples. I love getting crafty with my brides and bringing your wedding day dreams to life is how I vicariously continue to live my wedding day dreams now that I've already had my own wedding- so bring on the ideas, daydreams and creative juices! 

How much is shipping and tax? 

Shipping will vary depending on what is ordered but I work closely with my local mail centers to offer the lowest prices possible. In time sensitive situations, expedited shipping is available at a cost. Items shipped within the state of Washington will be charged Washington State sales tax. If items are being shipped outside of Washington state, there will be no tax applied. 

I'm a photographer/wedding vendor, do you do Styled Shoots? 

OH HECK YES! As a fellow photographer, styled shoots are dream come true and I'm happy to contribute! Please contact me and we can discuss details! 

What is it like to work with you? 

Hm. I Imagine it being something like THIS.  But if that doesn't convince you, here's a breakdown. We will communicate primarily through email unless you are local then coffee shop meetings can definitely happen! I work a day job part time and on those days, you might not hear from me as frequently. During the few days I'm working elsewhere, I am usually still working on projects and suites late into the evenings making sure everything is on schedule but my inbox may not see me quite as much. I do my best to be as upfront as possible about costs and pricing, if any problems arise you'll hear about it almost immediately and on more than one occasion I've developed really great friendships with my clients because I tend to work with people who align with my style of design and personality. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask but in short, it's awesome- yeah!?