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I'm turning 25

It's happening. They haven't developed an anti-aging potion. Despite my best efforts, I didn't become a vampire. And no matter how long I pretend to hide under my covers in the mindset that an upcoming age won't find me, it will. It's happening. 

I know, I know. 25 is young. But at the same time, I always thought I would have so much more figured out by now. 16-year-old me had this vision of what 25-year-old me would be like. Like- I was going to have my own house? And I am pretty sure I was going to be some marketing executive by now who worked ridiculous hours as she climbed her way up the corporate ladder? I was supposed to have a dog that I took on jogs every morning and I was going to run marathons? I was definitely married and I made my husband and I green drinks in our kitchen? I mean- I'm going to laugh at this next one, but, I'm pretty sure I thought I'd also have a baby by now?! A BABY. a small creature. A tiny, living, breathing human. And I thought I would have brought it into this world by now and be raising it with a sense of maturity and stability. (somewhere between my ridiculous working hours and green drinks, I also had time to raise a living organism?) Oh man, was I naive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad about where I'm at right now. It's just where I'm at. I know I'm going to continue to grow- creatively, emotionally, physically. I know I'll continue to evolve, change, learn and adapt to what's thrown at me. But 25 has tugged on some heartstrings. My 24th year of human life was pretty amazing, can I even top it? Just to give you a brief summary, I'm going to recap: 

Carried my cat onto an airplane.  Kissed a sting ray. Almost eloped like 5 times.  Learned how hard it is to say goodbye. Gave up coffee, then started drinking coffee again. Second shot my first wedding. Tried a cauliflower and a chicken wing (boneless, obvi). Rode a segway. Was a model for a day. Pursued my creativity. Tried a pepper and cookie butter (one is better than the other) Traveled from coast to coast. 

I'm officially entering my mid-twenties. As sad as I am to say goodbye to my early twenties, there's a feeling of maturity and respect that is rushing over me. It's completely in my head, I know that. But there's a sense of calmness with it. I've made it this far in life, and I feel good about it. I'm happy. I'm creative. I'm loved and in love. I have deep passions and some amazing friends. I've been a few places, tried new things, seen different parts of the world. So despite me not living up to 16-year-old-me's overaggressive and unrealistic life plans, I am definitely okay with where I'm at and excited about what's ahead. And what better way to say this than a photoshoot?! Come on, would you guys expect anything less? 

I'm turning 25. It's happening. Let's CELEBRATE (and eat cake).

HUGE shout out to my second-shooter-studly-fiance-man who got behind the camera on this one, assisted in confetti throwing and PROVIDED SOME BRILLIANT posing motivation. & his furry HAT WEARING assistant, BROWN DOG. 

SKIRT: Space 46 Boutique SWEATER: Target LETTERING: Eleven and West Studio PHOTOGRAPHY: HA. some cute guy I know.