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Gina PaulsonComment

When I first opened this little shop, I had no idea what would do well. I purely make things out of my own wants and desires and hope other people enjoy them too. I made these 3 hand-lettered stamps because I wanted them for my own mail, and when I listed them on my site I figured maybe someone else would too! DUDE. Hot Item. Meet my Custom Address Stamps! The custom address stamps have been such a popular item so far and I'm LOVING it. There are TWO main reasons that I get REALLY excited about custom address stamps.

1. Stamps go on paper and these stamps generally go on mail- which means more people are SENDING MAIL! As a snail-mail enthusiast this just makes me feel really warm on the inside.

2. Each address stamp is CUSTOM. Which is super special. Something happens between me and each address during the creation process- yeah, we bond. I find myself making up houses and homes on the address that come in through my orders. When an address came in on Huckleberry Lane, I envisioned this cute little brick cottage with a small wrap around porch and white shutters. (I've always had a very active imagination!) So yes, even if you live in a shack on the side of Royal road and you're ordering an address stamp- in my head you live in a castle. 

I've had a lot of fun creating these. Each one is unique and different and its own. The way different addresses layout and work together with names has been a creative and fun challenge. When you check out in the shop, you input your address as you want it displayed and then I'll send you a proof and once you approve it it gets made- EASY AS THAT! There is still time to get your custom address stamp before Christmas and use it for all of your holiday cards! There are so many REASONS to get a stamp as well! Just bought a new house? STAMP. Just married and have a new last name? STAMP! Sending out a plethora of holiday cards or Save the Dates? You're going to want a stamp. I'm putting the deadline to GUARANTEE these to use by Christmas as THIS WEEKEND, December 6th. Any questions or if you're looking for something even more custom, shoot me a message!