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Happy Valentine's Day

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I obviously wanted to write a little ode to this one on here, because even though it may not seem like it, behind his football-ing (yeah thats a verb...?) man-of-few-words, logistical, number-oriented, almost-complete-opposite-human-being-of-me shenanigans-- he actually puts up with a lot when it comes to my little nook of the interweb. For instance, my last post. My dear, big-hearted, oh-so-patient fiance only had to wait an extra HOUR for his pancakes while I made sure I got some acceptable photos. In a normal household, he could eat them warm off the griddle. But nope, not with me. He had just walked in the door from the gym as I was flipping the pancakes, so not only was he hungry, but the house smelt like warm pancakes. Bless his heart an hour later, as I asked him to slowly drip syrup on the pancakes, and then forced him to eat reheated pancakes. 

So I'll take this opportunity to say thanks to him. And that I'm completely and utterly in love with this human being even after 9-er-so years together. I love how he makes me smile and laugh. And that I love that he is able to put up with me (now that deserves an award). And I love what he does for me. And I love all the piggy backs I get. And I love that he goes into the freezer section of Costco and lets me wait outside. And I love that he first figures out what I'm going to eat when we go to a restaurant before he thinks about himself. And I love when he walks around nonchalantly with our cat on his shoulder. I love how he listens. And love how he cares.

Happy Valentines Day.