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Mother's Day Workshop

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I'm BACK! Trying to be back at least. After a month of wedding festivities and a honeymoon, I'm ready to share some crafty things on here again! I have a TON to share on here, it's a bit overwhelming and parts of me aren't even sure where to begin. But the first thing I wanted to get on here was this workshop I hosted! Back in May.... Yes, it's August. I know. So bad. 

But for those who were following along back then, I hosted a sweet little Mom & Me Calligraphy workshop. We really lucked out on the weather and were able to have the whole thing outdoor right by the lake. It was awesome. It was SO fun to see mom-daughter duos tackling this new activity together. We had light snacks and refreshments and were even joined by the cutest bernie puppy you'll ever see- seriously, her name is Elaine and I want to steal her. I like to end these workshops with a craft- sort of a way to actually apply what you've learned to use. So in leu of Mother's Day we calligraphed Mother's Day cards. It was such a good time and I can't wait for the next workshop! If you're interested in taking a workshop with me, don't forget to sign up HERE to get notified when the next workshop is announced! 


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