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Today I'm sharing something so incredibly special. These two are some of the most kind-hearted and genuine humans I know. When Bri emailed me about a few acrylic signs for her wedding day, I was so excited to get to contribute to a day that was guaranteed to be one for the books. Bri and Luke had been dating since they were very young, I think I can call them lifetime sweethearts. I met Bri in college, she was one of my sorority sisters, and met Luke when he came and visited her one weekend. She is a gorgeous human with a heart that is just as beautiful and he is one of the most genuine people you'll meet- it's a perfect match. They got married in Vail, CO at the TOP of a mountain. The views were seriously unreal, the day itself was out of storybook. I got in touch with Bri recently and got to chat with her a bit more now that the wedding has passed and they've started to settle in to married life. I always love reconnecting with my girls after their weddings and just seeing how it all went from their perspective. Here are a few of my favorite things from Bri: 

What was your favorite of your wedding day? 

 I have TWO! First, Saying my vows! Every time I thought about our wedding day, I pictures saying my vows to Luke at that location. On the day, I was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would have been, but just excited and so happy to be entering into the next part of our lives.  I also died laughing when both Luke and I said, “I choose you”, which we both said in our vows. Definitely not planned. Second, Jumping onto the gondola with all of the bridesmaids! After a day of getting ready and anticipation, I was so excited the weather was holding. We all jumped onto the gondola. The moment was filled with so much joy and laughter (and some champagne)

What was the BEST part of wedding planning?

Honestly, it gave me any excuse not to study! Wedding planning is so entertaining, but a great outlet when studying for boards... (friend bragging right: Bri is such an incredibly hard working and smart human. She had just passed her boards right before her wedding, became a PA, and was getting ready to kick off her next chapter at Mayo Clinic. Amazing, I know

Describe your wedding in 3 words: Laughter, dancing, and (a whole lot of) hugs. 

Do you have any advice for someone who is planning a wedding right now?

 Not to sweat the small stuff. No matter how many times you go through a timeline or speak to your vendors, something is bound to not go as planned. Just remember everyone is there to celebrate a momentous day in your life. Take in all the happiness and excitement around you.

Her last piece of advice is one that I hope all of my brides-to-be out there seriously take to heart because there is so much truth in it! Don't sweat the small stuff, focus on whats important- which is normally the hand your holding and the people surrounding you. If you can do that, the rest will come together perfectly! Thanks again Bri + Luke for letting me be a part of your day and sharing these incredible photos with me! 

These photos are by Teresa Woodhull

And a few from the gram #lahmanlovebirds