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Watercolor Lettered Envelopes

letteringGina PaulsonComment

I promised you guys a ton of beautifully lettered snail mail. With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not share some red and pink watercolored lettering? So here is another piece of mail that I recently prepared to send out to a beautiful friend of mine. The way the colors fade in and out just makes my heart warm- I love it. 


Whimsical Wedding Style

letteringGina PaulsonComment

I started this space as a place to share my creative lifestyle without fogging up my photography website. So this is definitely going to be a very common theme: LOTS and LOTS of hand lettered and calligraphed envelopes. I send snail mail like its my job (well sometimes, it kind of is? but sometimes, I just enjoy it) So whether I'm working through calligraphing a wedding suite or just sending a good friend a happy piece of mail- you better believe there's going to be some pretty envelopes leaving my mailbox.