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Valentine's Breakfast Inspiration

lifestyleGina PaulsonComment

Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to pop this little breakfast idea on the blog early this morning for any of you lovebirds out there who are just waking up and wanting some last minute-super easy Valentine ideas! Cue regular pancake mix + a pinch of food coloring + a heart cookie cut out. Add some diced strawberries and hot cocoa and you've got yourself one fine looking Valentine's Day breakfast. Enjoy! 

Valentines Day Layered Cake

lifestyleGina PaulsonComment

I love cake. I actually love it more than frosting. In fact, growing up- my classroom birthdays often involved a frostingless confetti cake. That's just how I rolled. So when I saw this trend of naked cakes, I was pretty excited. It kind of meets me in the middle between what I truly want (straight up cake hold the frosting) and what normal humans want (extra frosting corner slice, please and thank you) I thought this was the perfect treat for Valentines Day with its red velvet layers and strawberry toppings. 



  • 1 box red velvet cake 

  • 1 box white cake 
  • strawberries 
  • cool whip 


Bake the two cakes as directed in two 8" round pans. Let them cool fully. Then stack them on top of each other with a spread of cool whip and strawberries layered between the cakes. Top with cool whip and strawberries. BOOM, so good. Store this baby in the refrigerator.