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Home Tour | Eclectic Modern Home in West Seattle

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LOCATION: West Seattle, Genesee Neighborhood 


STATS: 3 BR, 1.75 BATH, 1,780 SQ FT

When I visited Jennae and Patrick for their home tour, I was greeted by two large Bernese Mountain Dogs and an extremely camera friendly cat. For most people, that would be a lot to manage in a smaller house but Jennae and Patrick have combined simplicity with functionality to make their 1949 cozy home seem quite spacious. Jennae and Patrick are both creatives and their eye for design is so strong throughout their home.  

Our favorite thing about decorating our home has been creating a space that represents us and is functional for our lifestyle.

You're immediately welcomed into their light filled living room upon entering their home. Corner windows line the entry room to create a space that is bright and airy. 

One thing you'll notice immediately about the house is the small collected details from their lives. Everything has a story and represents a piece of their life together. A small built in fits a vintage projector they found at an antique shop in Portland and is surrounded by curated bits and pieces of life's memorabilia. 

If you ask them what their favorite spots in the house are, Patrick's pick is this Eames molded plywood chair. It adds a welcoming element to the simplicity of their living room right next to their DIY Ikea hack floating credenza. 

gina paulson seattle home tour art

Unique pieces of art are one thing this house isn't lacking. Their living room boasts a carefully curated gallery wall with bright colored frames to add some fun into the space. Patrick loves motorcycles and they've incorporated multiple moto-inspired pieces into this gallery, as well as a few wedding photos. Jennae is also the maker behind Hux Goods, a Seattle based shop that sells handmade accessories and interior details. Her pillows and table runner are prime examples of some of the magic she creates. 

Their tiny kitchen is compact and functional. Jennae has filled their kitchen window with small plants to bring some fresh accents into the space filled with cook books and curated coffee mugs. 

Jennae's studio is such a slice of creative paradise. It's filled with natural light and has corners lined with tropical fabrics and small details that inspire her. As a creative maker, it's so important to have a space that allows you to feel creative and inspired and Jennae has definitely found this in her studio. 

Patrick and Jennae's bedroom is simple with a great mixture of texture and pattern. In order to maintain a clutter free smaller bedroom they stick to only the necessities in there. The've added a pop of color with some teal curtains and a colorful Mexican serape blanket, some fun patterns like their cat pillow cover, and a beautifully upholstered bed frame. 

gina paulson seattle home tour bungalow

Their house is split into two levels with the lower level containing an additional living room with a pull out sofa for out of town guests. Though it's below the ground level, it's still filled with light and welcoming textures. 

Nestled just minutes from downtown Seattle this home is bursting through its seams with personal touches and details. They've described their style as "creating a space with things that brings us joy" and it's so clear they've done a great job with that. 

Check out the rest of the photos from their home tour below



Sofa: Macy's

Coffee Table: Family heirloom from Patrick's great aunt 

Floating Credenza: Ikea Hack (Ikea + Patrick added wood top)

Leather Bench: CB2

Projector: Vintage find in Portland 

Gallery Wall: "Never Grow Up" from Ornamental Confirer | "BRAAAP" + "Live to Ride" Screen Print from Inked Iron | Black and Gold Shapes from Spaceagency | Wedding Photos by Marissa Maharaj | Photos of us on a Motorcycle by We Are The Rhodes

Pillows: Hux Goods


Table: CB2

Chairs: CB2

Light: Ikea

Artwork: Deus Custom 


Desk: Ikea

Artwork: John Lennon litographs | Calendar from Eleven and West | Mondays Aint So Bad from Ornamental Fonfirer

Chair: Space Oddity Vintage Doctor Chair and the Jens Rinsom Chair


Nightstand: CB2

Cat Pillow: Ikea 

Bed: Crate and Barrel

Duvet Cover: Unison 

Second Living Room

Sofa: CB2 Movie Sofa 

Sofa Pillows: Hux Goods

Leather Chair: West Elm

Guitar: Taylor Big Baby

Modern Black Chair: Laura Davidson 

Pinball Machine: 1980 Williams Galaxy

Eleven and West | Calligraphy Workshop Debut

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HOLY COW. I have been so excited to share this. Then life like fast-forwarded 168 hours and I'm just now getting around to it?! But, finally. GUYS, I held my first calligraphy workshop, it was rad! My good friend hosted it in her darling Seattle home (also, be sure to check out her Etsy shop, Hux Goods)  I was really excited about this one because I knew the group of girls coming were extremely creative and fun- and they definitely didn't let me down with that! I loved prepping their little workstations with custom placemats, hand addressed giant envelopes containing their workbooks, and other goodies. For those of you who don't know, I'm self-taught and a firm believer in sharing knowledge. (This just inspired me to do a future post about how I started in with calligraphy, stay tuned. It's a good one) So I loved being able to share what I know with these girls. I'm also totally that future-parent who thinks the best way to teach your child to swim is to throw them into the water. So, after a brief introduction to the tools we just dove in and I fielded questions from there, but these ladies were amazing and picked it up very quickly. I was incredibly impressed at their eagerness to learn! They also taught me things- like how second graders eat cupcakes, brilliant little minds

You should always be learning. If you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong place.
— Erika Bearman

We ended the class by making magnets with a calligraphy quote on them and I loved how these turned out. I had so much fun with these ladies and was incredibly proud of how quickly they picked it up! Nothing made me happier to see instagram posts of them continuing to use their kits over the following weekend to practice! I'm definitely going to be doing more of these workshops and if you're interested be sure to check out my classes page for upcoming workshops

And because social media rules so much harder than real life, #elevenandwestworkshop brought some additional awesome photos I had to share: 

Photo credit: My tall and handsome second shooter (forever thankful)