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My Girlfriends Get Valentines

letteringGina PaulsonComment

I have some AMAZING girlfriends. I truly do. Sending them Valentines Day cards has been something that I've done regularly for the last four years. I just love telling them that I love them- that's not too weird, right? So in regular style, I whipped out my paint brush and some pretty pinks and reds and got to making some cute little Valentines for my girlfriends. Because girls rule and boys drool. (Joking fiance man, love you!) (But in all honesty galz, amiright!?) These were watercolored on white envelopes, sealed with a [stamped] kiss and lined with an ivory kissed liner. Sending so much love and a million awkward hugs out to all my girls this Valentines Day. 

Valentines Day Layered Cake

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I love cake. I actually love it more than frosting. In fact, growing up- my classroom birthdays often involved a frostingless confetti cake. That's just how I rolled. So when I saw this trend of naked cakes, I was pretty excited. It kind of meets me in the middle between what I truly want (straight up cake hold the frosting) and what normal humans want (extra frosting corner slice, please and thank you) I thought this was the perfect treat for Valentines Day with its red velvet layers and strawberry toppings. 



  • 1 box red velvet cake 

  • 1 box white cake 
  • strawberries 
  • cool whip 


Bake the two cakes as directed in two 8" round pans. Let them cool fully. Then stack them on top of each other with a spread of cool whip and strawberries layered between the cakes. Top with cool whip and strawberries. BOOM, so good. Store this baby in the refrigerator.