Eleven + West



Branding is about so much more than what people SEE. It’s about how you make people FEEL.
— Kimberly Haydin

Looking for some help with your branding? PERFECT. It's funny, I actually always planned on working for some huge advertising agency. I graduated with degrees in both Marketing and Digtial arts, began looking for work out of college in advertising agencies and marketing firms, and had visions of myself working my way up the corporate ladder into a fancy corner office where I helped build big brands. Luckily, I found myself in much more creative roles post college which have ultimately led me here: creating, making, encouraging and helping SMALL businesses tell their STORY

If you're feeling the need to build your brand (or rebrand) it's because you feel like what you're doing isn't coming across right. You're looking to connect with your readers/clients/viewers but are sensing a disconnect. You know how you want it to feel, but somewhere your story isn't being told. Let me help you. 


My branding process works starts with an initial consultation and branding questionnaire. I want to EXPLORE your brand and where you are currently at with it, it's my goal to understand you, your story and how you want everything to look and feel. We may be here for awhile depending on where you are at with your brand clarity. Once we have a grasp on where we want to TAKE your brand, I'll put together a brand mood board for us with a color scheme, images, and overall look and feel. We will nail down your brand strategy. 

From there I'll go to work with DESIGN. You'll get a few rough drafts of logos to give me an idea of what you're drawn to. Then I'll begin to refine and narrow in on one of them, tweaking it until I feel it represents our brand board and first our brand strategy. You'll receive a primary logo, sub marks and a few coordinate brand elements that can be used for social media and website purposes to keep things cohesive. 

The BUILD phase consists of bringing our designs to life. Whether you're needing a website, business cards, physical packaging, print material or a media kit, or photography; we take everything we've designed and created so far and bring it to life.